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Pretty Lights – Sunday School

Set to be released in early October, Pretty Lights’ new album should be pretty great if it’s anything like the bangin’ preview track he just released off it.  Most fans of Derek Vincent Smith will notice that “Sunday School” has been a staple in the live arsenal.  Now that it’s going to be on an official album the general population will now be able to hear it blast throughout the community.

Have a Listen…

Pretty Lights – Sunday School

New album “Passing By Behind Your Eyes” launches on October 6th!


Rusko @ The Loft

Another great electronic music event happened at The Loft this past Friday as Rusko graced us with his banging dubstep beats. TC Dubstep managed to get a quality crowd out to the venue in what was probably their most heavily attended concert to date.

Rusko was born in the late 80’s in Leeds and was a special treat to have in town from the UK. Often teaming up with Caspa to slay crowds twice as fast, he is responsible for bass heavy elecro, hip-hop, and reggae tunes that really keep the crowd in the party while keeping it chiller than some other DJ’s in the electronic and dubstep realm.

Ana Sia @ The Loft

The Loft upstairs at Bar Fly was hopping last Friday when Ana Sia decided to glitch everyone out even though it was her birthday! A great night of music included Sovereign Sect, Inconceivable Master Plan, and DJ Mental Floss. With two bars, a nice outdoor rooftop area overlooking the Minneapolis skyline, and separate rooms The Loft is a great place to hold a night of electronic music.

Phish @ Toyota Park

After hitting up Lollapalooza I was lucky enough to head to Bridgeview, IL this past Tuesday to see my first concert at a soccer stadium.  Toyota Park is the home venue of the Chicago Fire, and is the newest major venue in the Chicago area.  Phish’s only stop in the midwest allowed me to meet people from Florida, California, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

We got to the lots at about 3:20pm and the festivities had already started.  It appeared as if the vendors had been set up and ready to go for a while, and the normal lot staples of alcohol and burritos were plentiful.  It was interesting to see(and hear!) how many nitrous tanks were in the lot.  Though I don’t indulge myself it’s always amusing to see people scatter when they see security heading towards their tank.

Security with nitrous tank
Security with nitrous tank

The first set was held together by new songs.  A Kill Devil Falls opener got things moving early on, and I was pleasantly surprised by the debut of “Windy City”.  I was happy to hear The Curtain and Gumbo in he first set as well.  Time Turns Elastic drew itself out far too long and I wish they would shorten it up.

Backwards Down the Number Line opened the second set and provided ground for the transition into the first Carini since 2004.  The crowd raged as one of the few Phish staples yet to be played was crossed off the list.  An exceptional ‘Gotta Jibboo’ followed.  Set two also provided 2001, a song that had been teased several times during the show, in addition to a stellar Harry Hood that broke the mold the song has taken this tour.  Phish ended things out in a fashion that I have seen before but never can complain about.  The concert ended with Page McConnell alone at his piano ending out ‘The Squirming Coil’ by himself.  The Rolling Stones’ Loving Cup is always a great way to end out a show, but I was disappointed to get only one song as an encore.  Why was the Chicago show the only one that didn’t have a two song closer?

Toyota Park, Bridgeview, Illinois
Toyota Park in Bridgeview, Illinois

Phish @ Toyota Park, Bridgeview, IL 8/11/09

I: Kill Devil Falls, Sample in a Jar, Ocelot, Paul and Silas, Windy City, The Curtain With, Train Song, Gumbo, Heavy Things, Time Turns Elastic
II: Backwards Down The Number Line> Carini, Gotta Jibboo, Theme from the Bottom, Wilson, Also Sprach Zarathustra> Chalkdust Torture, Harry Hood, The Squirming Coil
E: Loving Cup

Pretty Lights 10.21 at Varsity Theatre and Lotus 10.23 at First Avenue

October’s third week is shaping up to be a big one in the electronic/jamtronica scene.  Denver based Producer Derek Vincent Smith, also known as Pretty Lights, just announced he will be playing a show in Dinkytown.  He will appear at the Varsity Theatre on Wednesday the 21st in between stops in Portland and Milwaukee.

Later on in the week Lotus will be playing at First Avenue in the heart of downtown Minneapolis.  Though they are used to playing the Cabooze they may have booke First Avenue because its slightly larger.  About to release two EP’s titled “Oil on Glass” and “Feather on Wood” they will surely play a good show.


STS9 and EOTO to hit Minneapolis on 10.08.09

Looks like the month of October will be a hot one in the Minneapolis area as four popular electronic acts make their way into the city.  On the 8th we have a double shot of elecro fury when STS9 plays First Avenue and then EOTO starts round two later in the night at the Cabooze.  I don’t know if they collaborated in scheduling the shows but it will be a great night of music however it ended up working out.

STS9 @ First Avenue starts at 6:30pm. EOTO @ the Cabooze starts at 9:45pm.  You can get tickets for both events below.

*Cabooze Ticketing*

*STS9 Ticketing*

10KLF 2009

Unless you have been living under a rock you have surely heard of the 10,000 Lakes festival in northern Minnesota.  For seven years it has graced the Minnesota summer with the best acts that the jamrock genre can provide.  This year was no different as Widespread Panic played two shows that blew the doors off of the Soo Pass Ranch.