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Justice – Essential Mix – 17-12-2016


In one of the strangest but best mixes I have heard in a while, Justice manages to infuse countless genres rather seamlessly while mixing in a few tracks from last month’s release WOMAN on Ed Banger Records.  Expect to hear everything from Prince to The Rolling Stones to spaced out atmospheric disco funk and even some indie rock!

The Technics 1200 Returns at CES

This year’s CES show in Las Vegas has brought something that many have been yearning for since 2008.  At long last Technics released their new SL-1200G and SL-1200GAE turntables.  The GAE model will be a 50th anniversary edition and will be produced in a limited run of 1200.  The 1200G will likely be available in late 2016.  I for one hope we see these sooner rather than later!


Metallica – And Justice for Jason (AJFA with enhanced Bassline)

There is a long running debate about the bass on the Metallica album And Justice for All… and while you may not have noticed listening to this recording may make it more apparent.  This YouTube video was compiled of AJFA tracks with enhanced basslines which allow us to speculate as to what Newsted’s bass parts should really sound like on the album.  I did not assemble this, just passing it along.  It really does make you realize that Jason Newsted’s parts are essentially nonexistent and most bass related sound is actually coming from electric guitars.

While the album is great, this recording does make you realize how turned down the bass really is.  In fact, on the original album it is downright difficult to hear.  If you read this article it seems as if Lars Ulrich is to blame for the thin bass sound.